The Arctic Overview

The crunch of ice. The whistle of the arctic wind. The chill bite of frozen noses and fingers. Polar bears. Sled dogs. This is what comes to mind when we think of when the word “arctic.”

Might want to add Arctic Char to that list. And maybe fly rods.

In August 2011 we shot a film in Canada’s Northwest Territories. The project, called The Arctic, traveled with the 2012 Fly Fishing Film Tour, and is currently on tour in Europe with the traveling Rise Film Festival.

The film takes a long, hard look at the remote Tree River lying sixty-six degrees north of the Equator. This is the real north – the hard north. Home to hordes of Arctic Char and other members of the salmonid family, the Tree is a vast, harsh river tinted with the silty, green tint of glacial melt.

It is a frontier covered in ice, home to rivers that can drive the most passionate angler mad with anticipation.

While filming in the north, we based out of Plummer’s Arctic Lodge. For additional information on the lodge please visit them at:

Starring: Craig Blackie, Trevor Nowak and John Geirach.

Rent the film festival version of the film here.

Download the film festival version of the film here.