Alaska: La Frontera Norte Film Festival Download


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In 2012, the Scorpion Reef expedition took the fly fishing world by storm. A group of close friends – anglers from a variety of backgrounds and locales, pooled their talents for an exploratory trip to a remote atoll in the Gulf of Mexico.

What they found was something truly amazing. The wildlife, the camaraderie, an untouched fishery and a wild adventure resulted in one of the most unique and unforgettable adventures of a lifetime. They realized something profound – the deeper one travels into remote and untouched locations, the greater the drive to go even deeper the next time. The experience becomes addicting… there are always new limits to push, new edges to nudge.

Scorpion Reef would be a hard trip to beat.

In planning the next great adventure, the crew wanted to take crewmember Alejandro “Sandflea” Vega Cruz, a Mexican from Isla Holbox, out of his element and show him something life changing. The result was an expedition into the heart of the Alaskan bush. The crew revisited an unknown and largely untouched river system – explored by RA Beattie and Alaska guide Mark Rutherford almost a decade earlier.

Their intention? To target sportfish primarily with topwater. Thar be mouse country ahead.

What started off as a plan to expose Sandflea to the Great White North and enjoy a bit of camaraderie on new waters morphed into an adventure of epic proportions. Plagued by hilariously inclement fall weather, difficult portages and challenging wilderness conditions, the crew fulfilled their desires to push their personal boundaries and show their Mexican amigo the adventure of a lifetime.

We all have our home waters, our familiars, our haunts. Streams we can read like the back of our hand; that we know better than our hometown. As comforting as home waters are, for most of us true adventure lies in stepping outside of these familiar boundaries, breaking out of the routine and risking it all on a wild idea.

Feel the urge to take on the Alaskan tundra and ravenous browns with the crew? Look for the 2014 Fly Fishing Film Tour – lovingly known as the F3T. Click here for a tour schedule.

Hoot, holler and enjoy the show. We threw our heart and soul into this picture… rest assured our pulses were pounding too as we hiked this tundra and hooked these fish.