Beattie Outdoor Productions was started in 2005 by RA Beattie – a fishing guide turned filmmaker from Colorado. For almost a decade, Beattie has been filming and producing digital media about the outdoor lifestyle – more specifically – fly fishing. The media has premiered in film festivals such as the Fly Fishing Film Tour, the Drake Magazine Film Festival, 5 Point Film Festival and other independent festival around the world.

The clip on the right is a short film called Green Screen, and represents the early attempts at creating fun, entertaining and light hearted fly fishing media – with a final emphasis on quality “fishporn.” This playful and creative style has become a recognizable trait in BOP media.

BOP’s 1st two DVD releases, Nervous Water and Off the Grid, have been on the fly fishing best seller lists for years. In 2015, BOP will release 3 new DVD titles: CARPLAND, Fishtails (a collection of short films like Scorpion Expedition, the Arctic & Alaska: La Frontera Norte) and Mongolia: A Fly Fishing Evolution.